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We are leading firm that represent clients in the following areas in Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, Will & Estates Contact Now
Professional Law Firm We are leading firm that represent clients in the following areas in Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, Will & Estates Contact Now

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    Family Law

    Family law governs the legal obligations and responsibilities of spouses, parents, and children

    Civil Litigation

    Civil litigation describes the court process used to resolve conflicts and disputes involving private rights and obligations.

    Criminal Law

    What makes the criminal justice system complex is its shared jurisdiction between federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal agencies

    Wills & Estate Litigation

    A will is a legal document that states how you want your estate distributed after death


    Corporations are the most common form of business organization. A business can be incorporated provincially under Ontario’s Business Corporations Act or federally under the Canada Business Corporations Act.
    Immigration Law

    Immigration Law

    We have experienced Immigration lawyers who provide the following services.

    Words From Clients

    • Right from the start Ayaz was prompt to reply and provide me with the information I needed. But more than that his patience during emotional periods kept me seeing clearly and kept the objective in mind. His work was professional and transparent so I always knew what the next step was going to be. I cant thank you enough.

      James N.
    • I was in crisis when Ayaz took my case. My marriage was over and divorce proceedings had dragged on for months without progress under my previous lawyer. Ayaz determined that we would need to win in court to ensure the outcome I was legally entitled to, answering all my questions about the process quickly and thoroughly. Most importantly: Ayaz dominated in court. He defeated multiple lawyers from a downtown law firm with ease on two separate occasions.

      I have referred my own mother to Ayaz for legal matters and I wouldn’t hesitate to trust him again. Ayaz Mehdi wins in court.

      Sultan A
    • I had an urgent matter that needed immediate attention. When I contacted Ayaz Mehdi, he returned my call and was very concise. His confidence assured me that he was able to handle my case and we had a favourable outcome. Ayaz Mehdi exceeded my expectations.

    • This law firm was recommended o me by a friend of a friend who had used them and was happy with their services. Ayaz was the lawyer who worked on a contract I needed.

      Patricia B.
    • Professional and efficient service! Ayaz Mehdi is knowledgeable, responsive, committed and reliable. I had a great experience with the firm and will recommend to others.

      Dasha Nik
    • Ayaz Mehdi was extremely professional in his approach to my unique case. He took the time to understand the desired outcome and put forth the strategy to achieve it effectively. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a personable and transparent experience.

      Elliott H.
    • About two years ago my Lawyer of more than 30 years gave me some advice that put me into a lawsuit Since we had worked together all these years I went back to him to fix the problem.  He connected me with his litigation Lawyers and they very quickly ran up a large bill with no resolution.A friend recommended his Litigation Lawyer who he claimed was very good but much cheaper.  He immediately too a retainer which he used up quite quickly but in more than a year on the case he really had no plan but insisted we would do well in court. Frustrated, I decided to do my own research with the intent of representing myself.  Fortunately, I came across a Blog written be Ayaz Mehdi.  It immediately resonated with me and I phoned him the next morning.  He was in court but promised to contact me as soon as he could.  We set an appointment the next day and I knew that I had finally found the right guy. We were in the Christmas Season with less than 30 days until trial.  Though it was too late to repair the damage done by previous lawyers he prepared an extensive defence in less than a week.  The Lawyer representing the Plaintive took him seriously and the worked out a reasonable settlement and we avoided the huge expense of a trial.
      I have since recommended him to a friend going through an ugly marriage break-up that’s been dragging on for years.  In days he turned things around and a resolution is imminent.  If you have to go to court I would strongly recommend that you take Ayaz Mehdi as your counsel.

      Bruce M.
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