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Four Things That Will Definitely Validate Your Work Experience For Immigration To Canada

Four Things That Will Definitely Validate Your Work Experience For Immigration To Canada

With the people’s increasing choice of living and working in Canada due to its multicultural immigration-friendly policies, the immigration levels to Canada have dramatically furthered in the age of globalization. Much to your surprise, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) under its Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 is all set to welcome 432,000 immigrants for the year 2022.

When it comes to granting permanent residence, Canadian immigration authorities follow a well-established list of standards to verify your work experience so that no one can benefit fraudulently from the welcoming-immigration policies of Canada.

The Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does a strict check on the information you have provided in the Permanent Residence (PR) application. Now comes the question of documents that can be helpful in terms of verifying your work experience.

If you have a work-experience history and planning to migrate to Canada, then this blog post will guide you about the facilitative documents for a guaranteed PR in Canada!

How To Prove Your Employment History For Immigration?

IRCC may validate the information you’ve provided in the following ways:

  • Reference Letter

A well-written reference letter is one of the top ways through which a visa officer can verify your employment experience for economic immigration. As the reference letter demonstrates the time period for your service, therefore, it assists in busting any misleading claims.

Pro-tip: Any individual who has worked in multiple capacities within the same organization must convince the organization to provide separate reference letters for each position for the validation of employment experience.

Would A Reference Letter Be Sufficient If The Individual Is Self-employed?

There are additional requirements for self-employed individuals including;

Articles of incorporation and documentation that can prove the proprietorship over the business – the documentation may include a link to your business website and any relevant evidence, if required, by the licensing authorities (based on the type of your business).

Proof of self-employment income – disclosing your amount of income can particularly aid in a nailed-on validation from the visa officer. Not least of all, bank statements, contractual agreements with clients, tax filing records, etc. can likewise help in verifying an accomplished work history.

Credentials from third parties – Referrals from your collaboration partners or third parties can go a long way in terms of proving your work experience.

  • Selecting the NOC Code

The National Occupation Code (NOC) is used by IRCC to evaluate the work experience of the individuals applying for immigration. Thus to say, the NOC code selected by the immigration applicant must be identical to the position where they have previously worked and aligned with the duties of the selected NOC code.

  • Correct Contact Information of your Employer

The immigration officers can contact your workplace to verify the authenticity of your employment work claim. It is totally the IRCC’s discretion to contact your employer. However, any misleading information can be a red flag in your visa verification process.

  • Business Registration Evidence

When confirming your work history, the immigration agents may also check the documents proving your employer’s business registration. They may check specifics like the company’s address and contact information during this procedure to make sure there are no issues (ex. residential address provided for business address, private email address included with contact information).

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Undeniably, the verification of a work history by immigration authorities is kept slightly exigent in order to keep pace with the uncompromising Canadian immigration policies. If you are facing complications in your verification process, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration lawyers at Ayaz Mehdi Professional Corporation.

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