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Planning To Visit Your Children In Canada? Here’s What You Need To Know

Planning To Visit Your Children In Canada? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you are a parent and wishing to visit your child who is residing in Canada, then you can apply for a visitor visa to meet your child. Whether your child is an international student, temporary resident, worker, or a permanent resident, you have the option to travel to Canada to meet your child. Any person who is not a permanent resident or Canadian citizen will require a visitor visa to enter into Canada.

Obtaining a visitor visa for your parents encompasses the fulfilment of several steps and considerations. Primarily, three major elements lie at the heart of a successful visitor visa approval for your parent. It includes; eligibility determination, the application process, and showing proof of financial support.

What Do You Need For A Canadian Visitor Visa As A Parent?

Here’s a quick run-through for what your parent/parents would be needing to enter into Canada:

Eligibility: The parents must show the reason of their visit and their intent to return back to their country at the expiry of their visitor visa. Strong ties to your country maximize the chances of your admittance of visitor visa application.

Invitation Letter: The child/sponsor needs to provide a well-prepared invitation letter stating the reason and duration of the visit of parents. A clear and honest invitation letter likewise escalates the likelihood of seamless visitor visa approval.

Application Process: The application to obtain a visitor visa can be made online as well as in-person at a Visa Application Center in your home country. During the application process, you have to make sure that you upload/submit all the necessary documents vigilantly. This step would include valid passports, photographs, biometrics, payment of visa fee etc. In some situations, a medical exam might be necessary.

Proof of financial Support: Along with a well-drafted invitation letter, proof of funds is also required. Financial instability is one of biggest reasons of visitor visas’ rejection. In order to protect your visitor application from being refused, make sure to demonstrate proof of finances during your stay in Canada. If your child is sponsoring you for your visit to Canada, he/she is required to prove their ability to support you.

Approval Or Refusal

After the application process, there is a waiting period during which your visa application either gets approved or refused. Once the decision is made regarding your application, you will be duly notified. In case of a refusal, reasons of refusal will be provided as well.

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