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Applying For A Name Change In Ontario After The Criminal Charges Have Been Dismissed

Applying For A Name Change In Ontario After The Criminal Charges Have Been Dismissed

Being charged with a crime is a horrible experience. A criminal charge not only encompasses numerous court appearances but the worst part is the criminal record that is created after the completion of the trial.

If you have been acquitted, that means you have no criminal record. Once you have been charged with a crime, your name is listed in the police’s arrest record.

Can You Change Your Name After A Criminal Charge?

One of the very frequent questions that our criminal lawyers get is: Can we change our name if the charges have been dismissed? Well, the answer to this question is “Yes.”

All Canadian provinces allow individuals to change their legal name if they wish to. A name change application can either be made online or in person.

What Are The Major Requirements For A Name Change Application?

As per Ontario’s name change law, there are two requirements for the acceptance of an adult name change request. These requirements include:

  • You should be aged at least sixteen or above.
  • You have lived in Ontario for the previous twelve months.

It is pertinent to mention that consent from a legal guardian is required if you are sixteen or seventeen. If you are in a conjugal relationship, you are required to inform your partner regarding your name change.

Can You Proceed With Name Change Application Without Police Record Check?

Most importantly, a police record check is a mandatory part of the name change request. A police record check primarily examines all the past convictions and charges, pending charges, and any outstanding law enforcement orders such as driving license suspension, parole order, conditional releases, etc. against the person who has submitted the legal name change application.

Additionally, the 12-month residency requirement in the province is quite important. This implies that the applicant should have been an ordinary “resident” for at least a year from the time when the application has been made. Generally, name change requests with bogus or vague residency description do not qualify for further steps.

We Can Help You!

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