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January 2023
What Happens If My Child Declines Court Ordered Contact With The Other Parent?
Oftentimes, courts play a significant role in setting out parenting schedules considering the best interests of the child. These parenting arrangements are meant to be followed by the parents. If the parent fails to enable contact of the child with the other parent, then the former may face legal consequences. This implies that a parent...
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Does your spousal support obligation end if you retire?
One of the foremost questions that pop up in mind when considering separation is the division of property and the length and amount of spousal support that can be agreed upon or claimed in the courts. Generally, there is no policy objective in placing a time limit on the duration of spousal support. That is...
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Enforcement Of Arbitral Awards In The International Commercial Arbitrations: A Brief Overview
With the modernization of arbitration mechanisms given its less formal and consensual nature, the Canadian courts have become supportive and familiar with the practicability of foreign arbitral awards in international arbitrations. Oftentimes, the parties opt to include arbitration agreements as a part of their commercial relationships, or some may like to go for arbitration in...
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