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November 2021
Case conference is essentially the parties’ first direct encounter with the court in a family proceeding. After the completion of the pleadings, either party can ask for a case conference. Both parties attending the case conference shall serve and file a case conference brief. The case conference can be conducted by a judge or the...
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At the time of separation and/or divorce between married spouses, amongst the most significant and pressing concerns is the division of matrimonial property. The foremost of these concerns is perhaps, the most important asset owned by many Canadians, the family home. Other concern may be the splitting of any other matrimonial assets, the Canada and/or...
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Divorce in Canada can be defined as the legal termination of a marriage, which allows for either one of the former spouses to remarry if they so wish. Thus, in order to file for a divorce in Canada the spouses must be legally married and must establish the grounds for divorce. As straightforward as it...
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